Enrollment guidance Q & A

Guidance on joining Kyushu Association of Interpreters, Translators and Guide-Interpreters
To join our association, please use one of the application forms to register.

• Online application (a Google account is needed)
• Excel application form *After downloading, please fill out all the necessary details before sending the file as an attachment via email.
• PDF application

Please send the application form to this email address: application@k-itg.or.jp

Guidance on Joining (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is this association necessary?
We felt that there is a need for an organization where interpreters, translators, and guide-interpreters can make a contribution to the international society in various forms and settings. We also thought that there are a lot of vulnerable, freelancing interpreters, translators, and guide-interpreters who need protection from a local association here in Kyushu. We plan to be an association that continues to exist even if the chairmen or directors may change.

Q: Can I become a member even if I don’t live in Kyushu?
You can become a member regardless of where you live.

Q: What are the objectives of the association?
The association has 3 core objectives:

To be an association that acts as a shield for freelancing interpreters, translators, and guide-interpreters.

  1. Our association is the first in Kyushu to offer group insurance so that members can feel reassured in their work environment.
  2. The association will be an organization that will be able to offer opinions to government agencies and agents so that treatment and pay does not worsen.
  3. In cases where no payment is made for your services, we will offer consultation on the matter.

To be an association that improves the skills of its members

  1. We will establish an environment where members can make contributions to the international society.
  2. We are applying for registration to become a registered training institution of the Japan Tourism Agency. We provide training for newcomers such as guide-interpreters and so on, practical training, and various other types of training for interpreters and translators.
  3. We will establish a place in which to exchange information.

To be an association that broadens the opportunities of its members

  1. We establish contacts between individual and corporate members as well as among members within the association.

Q: Is the association an employment agency?
We are not an employment agency, and therefore we are unable to refer members for jobs. However, work may be offered from the association’s business division.

Q: What exactly is a general incorporated association?
It is a non-profit organisation that does not aim to make a profit. Although it is a non-profit organization, business operations are not limited to purposes of public interest. Just like a corporation for profit, we are able to partake in business activities for profit and non-profit.

Q: What shall I do if I have a job request for the association?
For a private-sector request, it will normally be entrusted to our corporate members.

In this case, the association will make a request so as to secure fair compensation and treatment for the person engaged in the work.

In cases where a request is made from a government agency, we can accept the request and undertake it by establishing a project team from our members. Whether we choose to outsource the job to a different company or undertake it ourselves depends on the content of the particular job.

Q: What kind of work is requested from a government agency?
Mostly projects that involve the invitation of guests to Japan and the monitoring of tours. In these cases, we will plan and implement a part of the invitation project, but the whole of the monitoring tour.

Q: What kind of training do you offer?
We plan to hold training for new guide-interpreters, mandatory training due to the revision of laws and regulations for professional guide-interpreters implemented by a registered training group, practical training in accordance with this, and other training thought to be necessary for interpreters, translators, and guide-interpreters.
We also welcome training programs proposed or conducted by our members.

We want to further share information among our members through carrying out voluntary training programs.

We hope that flexible and open training sessions will cause our members to reach an even higher level.

Q: Why are there regular members and associate members?
For corporate members, there is a difference in privileges between regular members and associate members.

For individual members, one of the goals is to improve the quality of our members, and thus these two types were established.

Q: What is the difference between individual regular members and associate members?

In the case of guide-interpreters, regular members are certified, while associate members are not.

Translators and interpreters apply to join themselves on an individual basis.

The membership fee and privileges are the same for both regular members and associate members.

Q: What are the benefits for members?
Members can participate in projects that make a contribution to the international society.

Members can be involved in consigned business projects.

A first for Kyushu, members have the opportunity to apply for non-life insurance that covers them during work. This insurance cannot be taken out on an individual basis.

For events and training hosted by the association, members can make advanced reservations and acquire a discount.

There are also more discounts for corporate members for training programs.

We share general information with our members, which allows them to widen their range of work.

Q: What is the membership fee used for?
The membership fee is used to pay for the association’s group insurance and to cover any management costs.

Q: Do members have to enrol in the group insurance plan?
Yes. This association is based on serving one another, and therefore when you join the association and become a member, you will automatically join the insurance plan as well.

Q: In order to receive insurance, do I have to inform the association of my work beforehand?
Yes. If we are not aware that you are working, you will not be covered by the insurance.

Q: How should I report to the association beforehand?
Please let us know via email or application form on our website.

We have an Excel form available for you to use.

Any changes or corrections made to the document can also be reported to us with just a simple email.

For insurance applications, we will confirm whether a report has been made beforehand before applying.

Q: Are preparation visits and on-site translation research covered by insurance?
Yes. Visits to prepare oneself for guide related work and on-site translation research are regarded as business activities.

Training required for work is also covered by our insurance.

Q: Is work overseas covered by the insurance?
No. The insurance only covers work within Japan.